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Luka’s music tells a story of personal journeys and heartfelt emotions, resonating with audiences worldwide.

uka Cruysberghs, born on December 5, 2000, is a singer-songwriter from Leuven. In 2017, she became the youngest participant to win The Voice of Flanders, and shortly thereafter, she (until the end of 2020) became the lead vocalist of Hooverphonic.

At just 18 years old, she toured Europe with the band members and accompanied them to the United States and Japan. Luka’s career has not always been an easy journey. She faced various setbacks, but it’s precisely these challenges that have made her stronger. She learned to turn every situation into something positive and pave her own path in the music industry. Her determination and creativity have brought her to where she stands today.

In June 2024, she is set to release her debut album, and in May 2024, she is a participant in the program “Sing Again”.

As an independent artist, she continues to chart her own course and now works passionately with a new, small, and close-knit team. Her songs serve as a personal outlet for things that move her and deeply affect her.

Through the themes in her new EP, she encourages her listeners to dare to express their own emotions, break taboos, and address difficult topics. Her lyrics are honest, vulnerable, and sometimes personal. Multiple styles and genres blend with her iconic voice and captivating melodies in often poignant storytelling.

With her authentic style, genuine personality, and beautiful vocal talent, Luka consistently touches and moves people. Her songs form a heartwarming soundtrack for anyone seeking meaning and connection. Luka is not just an artist but a sincere soulmate for everyone who embraces her music.


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